Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I have a stalker?

Most people think it's kind of freaky to have a stalker.

In fact, being followed everywhere you go is more an act of kindness in my view. Sure it's not necessarily glamorous, especially if the person doesn't even know that they're your stalker, but it makes it more fun.

So, here it is:

She's got five of my classes. Five.

Count them: Media Research, News Writing, Advanced Web Page Design, Media Law, Lee Clarion Practicum.

But I'm taking six. So why didn't she take that sixth one? Maybe she's afraid of the humanities...

But in nine class sessions a week I see her, sitting at her desk, pretending like she isn't even aware of me. She just twirls her long brown hair while listening intently to the instructor and making mental notes with her eyes. Don't ask me how it's done.

She's always pays attention, always gets her work done first, always contributes to the group. Okay, I admit it, she puts me to shame. In fact, of all three group projects I'm in, she's in every single one of them.

So here's what I know about her: She loves shoes and Norah Jones. One of her favorite books is The Notebook and one of her favorite movies is The Godfather. And she's got a boyfriend. And a puppy.

Same thing.

Oh, and she's a senior and a journalism major.

Wait just a second. Maybe– Maybe I'm the stalker?

I hadn't thought of it like that.

Well... It's an act of kindness :-)

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Kristin said...

Wow Harrison, watch out. This seems like it could get dangerous. I am in all five of your classes, so I will watch your back.