Sunday, September 14, 2008

Golden Ducks roundtable discussion

Staff members of the Lee Clarion recently met with players from the 2008 Lee University Men's Softball B-League Champion Golden Ducks. This is a transcript of that discussion:


Lee Clarion: Thanks for taking time out to talk to us guys.

Ben Pressley: No problem.

Bairet Bazemore: Anything for the fans.

Wyatt Bevis: Or newspapers.

LC: Well all of us at the Clarion are excited for a chance to get an inside look at the Golden Ducks and the season. You guys are 3-0 right now and undefeated in the regular season dating back over four seasons. How does it feel?

BB: To tell you the truth, it feels great. I've only personally been here for two seasons with the Ducks but I'm enjoying every minute.

WB: Yeah, its been a great so far.

BP: Yeah, definitely. Right now we're 3-0 and that's where we want to be.

LC: You're last win was against the Lee Singers. What was it like to stomp them into the ground and make them look like a middle school special ed team, especially after all of their trash talk in the week prior to the big game?

WB: It was a great feeling. I was a little bit nervous going into the game because I had to fill Ben's position at shortstop but once we got going, we really played well.

LC: Now, Ben. Why weren't you able to play in this game?

BP: I suffered a staph infection in the aftermath of a dirty slide in Tuesday's game against Obannon I.

BB: He didn't disinfect the cut.

BP: It was more like, I was in such pain I just took a shower and went to bed.

BB: Without putting some hydrogen peroxide on it.

BP: Whatever!

LC: So you guys took down the Singers to go 4-0 against them lifetime. Are they ever going to be able to talk trash to the Ducks again?

WB: I mean, they can try to talk trash. I don't see any ESPY awards in their trophy case though.

LC: Wait, you guys have won ESPYs?

BB: Oh yeah, of course. This year we won the ESPY for Best Intramural Champion from a Private University.

BP: We also won the ESPY for Top Intramural Softball Infield from a Private University.

BB: Yeah, I've got that one displayed back at my apartment.

WB: I sold mine on eBay.

BP: Oh yeah, I forgot about that! Didn't you use it to pay for tuition this semester?

WB: Sure did.

LC: Wait, you guys aren't on scholarship here at Lee?

BB: Unfortunately, no. Lee doesn't give out scholarship for outstanding Intramural athletes.

BP: Its really sad that they don't. Especially since our championship game in the spring was the top drawing sports event on campus for the Spring 2008 semester.

WB: Yeah, its ridiculous.

LC: So, no compensation for the Intramural stars whatsoever?

BP: Well, Walt Mauldin did come up to us before the championship game last semester trying to bribe us to lose.

BB: Yeah he offered us free tuition until we graduate.

WB: And free Hummers.

BB: We turned him down though.

BP: The honor of the game is more important to us than free tuition and some SUV.

WB: My parents weren't too happy though.

BB: Mine either.

BP: Yeah, I was like "What's the big deal? I'll just pawn my Divisional Championship ring from last year, I have like 5."

LC: You guys receive endorsements though, correct?

BP: Yeah since we are not governed by the NCAA or NAIA we are technically not restricted by amateur status.

BB: I'm currently signed with Nike and Coca-Cola.

WB: I'm also with Nike and Gatorade.

BP: I'm with Nike, Rawlings, and Mountain Dew.

BB: Nike has us signed as part of their Intramural Grassroots Program. They're trying to widen their exposure among Intramural Athletes.

WB: Or, "forgotten" Student-Athletes.

LC: That's great to hear. In addition to Nike's Intramural Grassroots Program, are the Golden Ducks involved in any other organizations or programs?

BP: The Golden Ducks actually host a "Read To Achieve" event each year at Golden Duck Park. Its a great way to show the kids that we care about their success not just on the field but in the classroom.

BB: We also host an annual "Golden Ducks Celebrity Softball Game to Benefit the Boys and Girls Clubs of America."

WB: That's probably my favorite event. Last year the Ducks destroyed the celebrity team.

BP: That was hilarious when Bairet hit that line drive in the gap and Tom Cruise way overplayed it!

WB: What about when I stole second and Jessica Simpson thought it was a force play and just tagged the bag?

BB: That was insane!

WB: I was actually disappointed because I was looking forward to the tag.

BP: In all seriousness, our charity event are very important to us.

LC: That sounds wonderful. So before we finish up: any predictions for the playoffs this year?

BB: We're not too big into giving other teams bulletin-board material.

BP: I will say we are confident in our team though.

WB: Very confident.

BB: Our big championship re-match against OBGYN next Wednesday will be a good measure of our team's ability this season.

LC: We'll be sure to cover that game guys! Thanks again for taking the time to talk to us.

BP: No problem.

WB: Yep, no problem.

BB: Make sure and come out to see us against OBGYN next Wednesday night at 9 PM Eastern.

~Submitted by Bairet Bazemore

*Picture courtesy of new Golden Ducks Media Manager: Jennifer Mitchell

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