Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Going down?

Have you ever felt like you couldn't possibly go any lower?

Well, you haven't been to the basement of the PCSU.

"The basement? What's that? Do you mean the post office?"

No. I don't mean the post office. Take a trip to the first floor of the PCSU and locate the elevator.

Press the down button.

Yes, I said down...

According to unnamed sources, the Paul Conn Student Union construction project was a cover for something much bigger. Something much more sinister. Something so big, so creepy, that it's never been revealed until now....

A secret bunker for the President. And his wife Darlia. And maybe Tyrone.

It was a time of political unrest. The year 2000. Anything could happen at any time. The university board of directors thought it would be best to provide a bunker for the Conns in case of disaster.

Construction crews dug up the old parking lot between Dixon and Conn Centers and poured foundation for a 300-foot deep elevator shaft and a short tunnel to the bunker. On top of the spot, framing and masonry began for the perfect cover-up operation: A student union... And an elevator that just so happened to have an extra down button.

However, time has passed. The bunker has been forgotten. And the button that once operated a last resort now does nothing. Or so it seems.

You press it. And you tell me.

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Oro?? Nani?? said...

Dude... conspiracy theory much?