Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fitness Diaries: Issue #2

Hey y’all!

It’s time for fitness again. I know “ugh,” but because I share those same sentiments, we will be doing new workouts again this semester. This first fitness blog will be less telling you what to do, but suggesting practical ways to work out.

One of the best workouts comes in the form of water! Swimming is a great way to work out with less stress of impact on our bodies; there is no messy sweat or tedious treadmill running. It feels low impact, but it really works. Even an active swim/ tread session at our local hot spots, like the blue hole, can be a workout. With the weather getting colder, a workout center with an indoor pool might help keep us motivated.

If we need help trimming down before we get in that bathing suit, we can always approach dinner time with healthy habits. That is definitely easier said than done when the snickers in the candy dish seems to be relentlessly calling our names. Let’s be bold this month and just go for it. We can start that workout we’ve put off because we’ll do it when we are a little more fit, or that run we’ve been wanting to take but feel to out of shape for. We can do it.

Why can’t we walk to our classes? Another practical tip is parking far away when going to shopping centers, restaurants, and other businesses. I’ll be the first to admit that I circle the parking lot for a front row spot, but I’m going to toughen up this month and try to park a little farther from the automatic doors.

Well, bloggers, hope these tips will inspire you to get fit for life. We’ll try together! Until next time…

~ Ciara Doll

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