Sunday, September 28, 2008

Empty Shelves, Empty Stomach

"We don't have anymore _______."

If only I had an extra flex dollar for every time I've heard that from Jazzman's Cafe.

It seems like every weekend the cafe runs out of cookies, scones, brownies, pudding, salads, sandwiches... Essentially anything edible.

By the time Sunday rolls around the only things left on the shelves for purchase are salad dressing and those portable cereal cups. They make a great combination, I assure you.

If Jazzman's were operating independently of the university, I'm convinced food inventory would be budgeted to ensure that there would always be something edible for purchase on the shelves.

The majority of Jazzman's food products, however, come from employees in the Deacon Jones Dining Hall who only prepare pastries during the five-day work week.

That means that when their shift is up and the dainty quantity is shipped via golf cart to the cafe, what's on the shelves is all that's left.

That could be more than disappointing to students working all day on last-minute projects or studying who don't have the time to expend in the dining hall on a date with their meal plan.

For those students, the lonely muffin left on the bottom shelf of Jazzman's is their only nourishment for the day.

Empty shelves are bad for business, unless all of your customers happen to enjoy celery sticks. Then you're in luck.

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