Monday, September 15, 2008

The easiest job on campus...

Yes, the rumors are true, PCSU help desk employees have the easiest job on campus. Look above to see one of these employees in their natural environment: Getting paid to sit back, relax, and watch DVDs on a widescreen at their own desk.

See the extinguished Jazzman's cup and the cell phone for casual text-messaging resting on his lap? Spot the stacks of books in the corner, waiting to be opened so that he can be paid to complete his homework?

The job isn't all glory, though. Sometimes these help desk employees have to do actual work.

It's called telling inquiring visitors where the restrooms are.

"Working" at the help desk, however, has to be a verifiable nightmare when post-chapel mixers begin. All those friends. Free pizza. Socializing. Dancing.

But the help desk employee can't remove his or her posterior from that exhausted office chair. So I'm not encouraging you to approach the desk, point, and laugh. But if you do... There's nothing that highly-paid, movie-watching, Jazzman's-slurping help desk employee can do about it.

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