Thursday, September 18, 2008

Campus safety doesn't like my bike

Ever wonder what a bike "ticket" looks like from campus safety? Look no further. A xerox of a handwritten cursive note is a convincing reprimand from the lawmaking locals.

Or is it? Here's a picture of bikes chained to a pole and a fence:
And here's a shot of two bikes chained to the front railing of the student union:
Ask any biker and they'll likely explain that there's just no easier and faster way to park get into a building. Why go to the trouble of parking in the rack behind the PCSU when the only errand on the agenda is making a quick stop at the food court?

And then there are times when the existing racks are severely overcrowded, as often occurs at Deacon Jones Dining Hall. Any weekday lunch hour will bring up to 20 bikes to the cafeteria while the rack only holds about half that.

For now campus safety doesn't have a way of tracking which bikes belong to whom, but if the law decides to get serious about beautifying Lee's campus (at least from the front), registration of bikes and bicycle tags could be around the corner.

Many buildings don't have convenient bike racks, like the Humanities Center, or in the case of the Health Clinic, there's no rack at all.

The economy has forced more students onto bikes and Lee needs to respond accordingly and responsibly to the biking population.

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