Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bigger questions

Just when you become convinced that Lee University is a school supported with the utmost integrity, here comes a sign that seeks to destroy such a mindset, shouting, "Wow, there are sinners on campus!"

It's really not the most pleasant thing to be greeted with as you journey toward the dining hall, and definitely not acceptable when heading in for Sunday brunch after the morning church service.

An athletic sign sporting the date and time of the upcoming match. Letters and numbers rearranged, a dirty message emerges.

Perhaps it's a parable of the earth we live on.

God created a beautiful, majestic planet to serve a purpose. And Satan did his best to rearrange and destroy what was created, introducing sin.

It's a sobering reminder that humans were given a choice by God. A choice to do what is right or a choice to do what is wrong. That choice continues today, but God loves us all the same.

So what's a hapless Lee University student to do when sin appears? Bypass it? Report it? Take the issue into their own hands?

Bigger questions than just words on a sign. What do you think?

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